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·      Ngo T.T.M., Ueyama T., Makabe R.Bui X.T., Nghiem D.L., Tran T.V.N., Fujioka T. (2021). Fouling behavior and performance of a submerged flat-sheet nanofiltration membrane system for direct treatment of secondary wastewater effluentJournal of Water Process Engineering, accepted, x.x. (SCIE, Q1IF3.688ISSN: 2214-7144).

·      Nguyen T.T., Phung T.K., Bui X.T.Doan V.D., Tran V.T., Nguyen V.D., Lim K.T., Nguyen D.T., (2021). Removal of cationic dye using polyvinyl alcohol 1 membrane functionalized by

·      D-glucose and agarJournal of Water Process Engineering, accepted, x.x. (SCIE, Q1IF3.688ISSN: 2214-7144).

·      Nguyen V.T., Bui X.T.*, Nguyen H.A., Lin C., Nguyen H.H., Hien V.T.D., Tran L.L., Nguyen T.B., Bui M.H, Nguyen D.T., Nguyen D.D., Chang S.W. (2021). Effects of bed media and feeding patterns on wastewater treatment performance of wetland roofs, Journal of Water Process Engineering, accepted, x.x. (SCIE, Q1IF3.688ISSN: 2214-7144).

·      Nguyen H.T., Lee J., Kwon E., Lisak G. Bui X.T., Oh W.D., Lin K.Y. (2021). Metal-complexed Covalent Organic Frameworks derived N-doped Carbon Nanobubble–embedded Cobalt Nanoparticle as a Magnetic and Efficient Catalyst for Oxone Activation, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 591, 161-172. (SCIE, Q1, IF: 7.489, ISSN: 10957103).

·      Dang B.T., Bui X.T.*, Tomoaki I.*, Ngo H.H, Jahng D., Lin C.*, Chen S.S., Lin K.Y., Nguyen T.T, Nguyen D.D., Saunders T. (2021). Microbial community response to Ciprofloxacin toxicity in sponge membrane bioreactor, Science of the Total Environment, 773, 145041. (SCIE, Q1, IF: 6.511, ISSN: 0048-9697).

·      Lin C.*, Cheruiyot N.K., Hoang H.G, Le T.H, Tran H.T, Bui X.T* (2021). Benzophenone biodegradation and characterization of malodorous gas emissions during co-composting of food waste with sawdust and mature compost, Environmental Technology & Innovation, 21, 101351 (SCIE, Q1, IF: 3.356, ISSN: 2352-1864).

·      Hoang N.T.T., Tran T.K.A., Hoang M.H., Nguyen H.T.T., Bui X.T.* (2021). Synergistic effect of TiO2/chitosan/glycerol photocatalyst on color and COD removal from a dyeing and textile secondary effluentEnvironmental Technology & Innovation, 21, 101255 (SCIE, Q1, IF: 3.356, ISSN: 2352-1864).

·      Tra V.T., Dang B.T., Binh Q.A., Nguyen Q.H., Nguyen P.T., Nguyen H.H., Nguyen T.T., Le T.H. Le D.T., Itayama T.Bui X.T*. (2021). Influence of hydraulic loading rate on performance and energy-efficient of a pilot-scale down-flow hanging media reactor treating domestic wastewater, Environmental Technology & Innovation, 21, 101273). (SCIE, Q1, IF: 3.356, ISSN: 2352-1864)

·      Ye Y, Ngo H.H*, Guo W., Chang S.W., Nguyen D.D., Varjani S., Ding A.Bui X.T., Nguyen P.D. (2021). Bio-membrane based integrated systems for nitrogen recovery in wastewater treatment: Current applications and future perspectives, Chemosphere, 265, 129076. (SCIE, Q1, IF: 5.778; ISSN: 0045-6535).

·      Tran H.T., Lin C.T.* Bui X.T.*, Itayama T., Dang B.T., Cheruiyot N.K., Hoang H.G., Vu C.T. (2021). Bacterial community progression during food waste composting containing high dioctyl terephthalate (DOTP) concentrationChemosphere, 265, 129064. (SCIE, Q1, IF: 5.778; ISSN: 0045-6535).

·      Fujioka T., Ngo T.T.M, Ueyama T., Makabe R., Tran T.V.N. Bui X.T., Tanaka H. (2021). Submerged nanofiltration without pre-treatment for direct advanced drinking water treatment, Chemosphere, 265, 129056. (SCIE, Q1, IF:5.778; ISSN: 0045-6535).

·      Bui X.T.*, Fujioka T., Nghiem D.L. (2021). Green technologies for sustainable water (Editorial), Environmental Technology & Innovation 21101192 (SCIE, Q1, IF: 3.356, ISSN: 2352-1864).

·      Dang B.T., Gotore O., Ramaraj R., Unpaprom Y., Whangchai N., Bui X.T., Maseda H., Itayama T. (2020).Sustainability and application of corncob derived biochar for removal of fluoroquinolonesBiomass Conversion and Biorefineryaccepted. (SCIE, Q2, IF: 2.602, 2190-6815). 

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·      Kuroda M., Uwasu M., Bui X.T., Nguyen P.D., Hara K. (2020). Shifting the Perception of Water Environment Problems by Introducing “Imaginary Future Generations” – Evidence from Participatory Workshop in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Futures, 126, 102671. (SCIE, Q1IF: 3.091, ISSN: 0016-3287)

·      Le V.G., Vo D.V.N., Vu C.T., Bui X.T., Shih Y.J., Huang Y.H. (2020). Applying a Novel Sequential Double-Column Fluidized Bed Crystallization Process for the Recovery of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium from Swine Wastewater, ACS ES&T Water, accepted. (ISSN: 2690-0637)

·      Balakrishnan R.M., Bui X.T., Ilango I., Gamana G., Pugazhendhi A. (2020). Cobalt Ferrite Nanoparticles and Peroxymonosulfate System for the removal of Ampicillin from aqueous solution, Journal of water Process Engineering, 101823. (SCIE, Q1IF3.688ISSN: 2214-7144)

·      Nguyen D.N., Nguyen H.T., Pham T.L, Bui X.T., Duong T.T., Jiang J.J., Perng Y.S., Boujelbane F., Bui M.H. (2020). Removal of leucomalachite green in an aqueous solution by the electron beam process, Journal of Water Process Engineering, 101781. (SCIE, Q1IF3.688ISSN: 2214-7144).

·      Nguyen X.C., Nguyen T.T.H., Bui X.T., Tran X.V., Tran T.C.P., Hoang T.T.N., La D.D, Chang S.W., Ngo H.H & Nguyen D.D. (2020). Status of water use and potential of rainwater harvesting for replacing centralized supply system in remote mountainous areas: a case study, Environmental Science & Pollution Research, 66on line. (SCIE, Q1, IF: 3.306, ISSN: 0944-1344;)

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·      Nguyen V.T., Vo T.D.H., Tran T.D., Nguyen T.N.K., Nguyen T.B., Dang B.T., Bui X.T.* (2020). Arsenic-contaminated groundwater and its potential health risk: A case study in Long An and Tien Giang provinces of the Mekong Delta, Vietnam, Environmental Science and Pollution Research, on line (SCIE, Q1, IF: 3.306, ISSN: 0944-1344;)

·      Ngo H.H., Bui X.T., Nghiem D. Long, Guo W. (2020). Green Technologies for Sustainable Water (Editorial), Bioresource Technology, 317, 123978. (SCIE, Q1, IF: 7.539, ISSN: 0960-8524) 

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·      Nguyen T.T.D., Nguyen T.T., Binh Q.A., Bui X.T.*, Ngo H.H, Vo H.N.P, Lin K.Y.A, Vo T.D.H, Guo W., Lin C.T.,  Breider F. (2020). Co-culture of microalgae-activated sludge for wastewater treatment and biomass production: Exploring their role under different inoculation ratios, Bioresource Technology, 314, 123754. (SCIE, Q1, IF: 7.539, ISSN: 0960-8524) 

·      Bui X.T.*, Vo T.D.H., Thao N.P., Nguyen V.T., Dao T.S., Nguyen P.D. (2020). Microplastics pollution in wastewater: characteristics, occurrence and removal technologies, Environmental Technology & Innovation, 19, 101013 (SCIE, Q1, IF: 3.356, ISSN: 2352-1864). 

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·      Li M.H, Lin K.Y.*, Yang M.T. Bui X.T.*, Tsang D.C.W., (2020). Prussian Blue Analogue-derived Co/Fe Bimetallic Nanoparticles immobilized on S/N-doped Carbon Sheet as a Magnetic Heterogeneous Catalyst for Activating Peroxymonosulfate in Water, Chemosphere, 244, 125444. (SCIE, Q1, IF: 5.778; ISSN: 0045-6535). 

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